Judging Process & Criteria

Judging Process

1. All the application /nomination submitted for the Awards will be verified and screened by a working committee.

2. The appointed judging panel will according the stipulated criteria to conduct independent assessment of shortlisted candidates that has been prepared by the working committee, final choices of winners will be made in each category.

3. The Organizers will notify the Winners of the result by email and phone in mid September, 2020.

4. The winners will be invited to attend the awards ceremony on 16 November, 2020.

Judging Criteria

Based on 5 major spheres

Enterprise Management and Development:
Nominee's enterprise is at the satisfactory operation condition and sustainable development
Industry Influence and achievement:
Nominee has a pioneer role in the industry
Contribution for the Greater Bay Area Development:
Nominee’s own strength is beneficial to the economic development, talent training and young generation growth in the Greater Bay Area
Corporate and Social Responsibility:
Nominee has actively participated in social welfare and charity activities
Personal Reputation and Recognition:
Nominee’s integrity and sincerity in daily performance