GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2020 - Result Announcement

Congratulations to the 30 Winners!


Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association jointly organize with FM 104 Metro Finance to host the first-ever “The Greater Bay Area Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2018” to recognize women entrepreneurs with distinguished achievements and contributions for the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau The Greater Bay Area (GBA).

To encourage and sustain the feminist entrepreneurial spirit with the goals of growing economy and community of the Greater Bay Area is the core value of the Awards.


  • Acknowledge the achievement and contribution of women’s business elites in the industry and society in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau The Greater Bay Area (GBA)
  • Boost the synergy effect via the exchange of elites from diverse industries and enterprises
  • Inspire and encourage the younger generation through the life experience of the women elites
  • Pave the way for creating more business legends in the future

Events Calendar

2020 JUN
Kickoff Ceremony & Press Conference
2020 JUN 15
2020 AUG 24
Application / Nomination
Mid of SEP, 2020
Result Announcement
2020 NOV
Award Ceremony & Banquet
2020 NOV
2021 JAN
Post-event promotion

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